I've recently updated to Ubuntu 22.04 from Ubuntu 20.04, and the containers I used to run with the command podman run -it --rm --net host myimage /sbin/init now fail with the following error:

Failed to create /init.scope control group: Permission denied
Failed to allocate manager object: Permission denied
[!!!!!!] Failed to allocate manager object.
Exiting PID 1...

Using the host network sharing alone (ie --net host and /bin/bash as command) or systemd alone (/sbin/init) works fine.

Thanks for your help.

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A podman update solved the problem. Went from v3.4.2 in the standard ubuntu repos to the 4.3.1 version available on the Kubic project (here).

Note that i had to manually download the deb file & install it, the 'Add procedure and install manually' procedure doesn't work.

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