Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.22621.382]

WSL Version

  • [X] WSL 2
  • [ ] WSL 1

Kernel Version

Distro Version

Kali Linux Rolling

Other Software

No response

Repro Steps

On Windows PowerShell:

wsl --update wsl --install kali-linux image

On Kali Linux Window:

After inputting new UNIX username and pass >>


Expected Behavior

The kali-linux distro is successfully installed and runs without any error message every time.

Actual Behavior

Every time when a new kali-Linux window is opening:


Diagnostic Logs


I was customizing zsh shell in kali. When I encountered some error messages and cant anyway get rid of those, I decided to remove the distro completely.

Using following steps:

  1. Uninstalled Kali Linux from Apps
  2. Open PowerShell

run: wsl -l


run: wsl --unregister kali-linux


run: wsl -l



I reinstalled the kali-linux again using wsl --install kali-linux command. And started facing this error. I have tried again to uninstall and reinstall but the issue persists.


Temporary Solution:

When I delved more into this, I found out there is an error in /etc/profile file in the shell at a certain line. I could fix the issue by adding $i in a line after a . as seen in other distros' same file.


The issue is solved temporarily, but further, down the road, it introduces more errors. For example, when I try to reset the Kali Linux app, it'd not reset back to its first state but would not run anymore. Then I would go into further error checking and go into solving the further issues.



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