I'm playing around with various bits of an email solution, including notmuch and alot. I write my emails in vim and I'd like to have tab completion of email addresses while writing email. Is there a general plugin that would do something like this for me?

Ideally it would have a variable for what command to run and write and accept one of the standard address book formats - say mutt's format.

Plugins I've found so far:

  • email.vim - basic and based on a single text file, but probably the easiest to hack if I can't find anything better
  • lbdbq and lbdbQuery.vim which both use lbdb

The addressbook I'm currently using is nottoomuch-addresses


You can write your own custom insert-mode completion, and :imap that for easy access. There's an example in the help at :help E840 that shows the boilerplate; you just need to implement the email address query, probably either with system() or readfile().

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