perf list shows a bunch of what it calls metrics. The list starts off with

List of pre-defined events (to be used in -e):


       [Average Branch Address Clear Cost (fraction of cycles)]
       [C2 residency percent per package]
       [C3 residency percent per core]
       [C3 residency percent per package]

I'd like to experiment with these but I can't get perf stat to use them. Since the first line says "(to be used in -e)", I tried the following, but it produces an error

103>   perf stat -e IPL  sleep 10
event syntax error: 'IPL'
                     \___ parser error

Then I found some examples on the internet using -M, but this doesn't work either.

103 >    perf stat -M IPL  sleep 10
Cannot find metric or group `IPL'

 Usage: perf stat [<options>] [<command>]

    -M, --metrics <metric/metric group list>
                          monitor specified metrics or metric groups (separated by ,)

Can someone explain how to get perf to use these metrics? Thanks.

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You are right. It looks like using the flag -M should do the job. In your example, you used -M IPL, I'm not sure what IPL stands for. If you meant Instruction Level Parallelism, it should be ILP. So try using -M ILP

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