I have a server system with CentOS 7 here. It is running systemd but it is not starting per-user systemd:

➜  ~ systemctl --user
Failed to get D-Bus connection: No such file or directory

This prevents me from using user units for some daemons.

I have searched a bit and it appears that systemd --user can be started by pam_systemd. But that appears to start the systemd --user instance only upon logging in. Am I correct?

So, should I instead create a system unit which will start systemd --user for my specific user with User= setting? Or is there any other convenient way how to start systemd --user for some users?

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You'd enable automatic starting of the user session using loginctl enable-linger yourusername. This enables you to do user daemons using user unit files.

I do this on servers, where I have a user with user unit files bringing up podman pods, i.e., networks, volumes and containers for some web application. It's pretty neat.

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