I recently upgraded my Linux Mint (sequentially) from 20.1 to 21 using mintupdate / mintupgrade. Now I am experiencing strange behaviour: If I minimize a window clicking the button on the top right, it stays open. I can still move the window around and resize it, but I cannot interact with any of the content of the window anymore. To "use" the window again, I have to maximize it again from the panel icon, even though it was not completely minimized before.

I do not know how to fix this behaviour. My cinnamon version is 5.4.9. I tried using sudo apt install --reinstall --fix-broken cinnamon-*, but the comman ddoes not finish because cinnamon-control-center-goa requires an outdated version of cinnamon-control-center that can't be installed, apparently.

Do you have any ideas on what I could try? If more system information is needed, I can gladly provide it. If all else fails I'll just try a clean install. I wanted to try kde for a while anyways 😅

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There is a fix coming to the windowManger.js file. I manually changed the file on my system and so far the issue is resolved.

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