I would like to use something like memtest86 but for VRAM. I have some artifacts on the screen some times and I'm trying to rule out possibilities.

  • raymond.cc/blog/… - some of them are not for Linux, but that shouldn't be a problem if you really want to test it. Aug 9 at 2:36
  • the issue I need a memory tester not a stress test.
    – vfbsilva
    Aug 9 at 3:18

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Dicslosure: I'm an author of the program linked below, so my opinion can be weighted

memtest_vulkan is small & simple open-source tool for stress-testing gpu memory on any vulkan 1.1 compatible GPU. Linux binaries transparently available from github actions artifacts


Example of ok run No errors

Example of run with errros Has errors


There is an OpenCL-based memory tester called MemtestCL which can do this:

MemtestCL is a program to test the memory and logic of OpenCL-enabled GPUs, CPUs, and accelerators for errors. It is an OpenCL port of our CUDA- based tester for NVIDIA GPUs, MemtestG80.

This is the open-source version of MemtestCL, implementing the same memory tests as the closed-source version. The intended usage is as a library so that other software developers can use the MemtestCL tests to validate the correct operation of GPUs or accelerators in their own code. In addition to the core memory testing libraries, this package contains the source code to a limited version of the command-line interface standalone tester included in the closed- source build; certain capabilities, such as the ability to transmit results back to Stanford, are not present in the open-source version.

Up-to-date versions of both the closed- and open-source versions of MemtestCL may be downloaded at https://simtk.org/home/memtest. The closed-source version is available as precompiled binaries; the open-source version is available only as a source package.

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