I installed docker-compose through

$ sudo apt-get install docker-compose-plugin

and as I see by the output of dpkg -L docker-compose-plugin:


it is installed to /usr/libexec/docker/cli-plugins/docker-compose

Should I not install it through the package docker-compose-plugin ?

Obviously the terminal doesn't find it there. Is this really the correct way to install docker-compose? And if so, how do I make the binary available to my system, for example such that it is also found by the which command.

I can only run it with the whole qualified path $ /usr/libexec/docker/cli-plugins/docker-compose

Btw why is it obviously installed to a folder (/usr/libexec/) where the system doesn't seem to look for the binary?


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According to https://docs.docker.com/compose/#compose-v2-and-the-new-docker-compose-command docker-compose when installed via the package docker-compose-plugin is the new version 2 and is to be started without the hypothen so

instead of $ docker-compose up

you would issue

$ docker compose up

The hyphen is replaced by a whitespace !

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