I have zsh completion rules for my custom script h:

#compdef h

_arguments -S : \
    '-A+:' \
    '-B+:' \
    '-C+:' \
    '-i' \

My custom script takes the options shown above, and also one or more arbitrary strings. The completion works when no string is given:

h <TAB>
-A  -B  -C  -i  -w  

But once i provide the string, the completion no longer works:

h foo -<TAB>


How can I use completion even after I have provided one or more strings?


I have added '*:string:' as suggested by @Gilles

#compdef h

_arguments -S : \
    '*:string:' \
    '-A+:' \
    '-B+:' \
    '-C+:' \
    '-i' \
    '--color' \

But the completion behaves strangely. When I do:

h some text -<TAB>

it actually lists me available options, but does not complete them.

When I do:

h some text --co<TAB>

it shows available --color option, but does not complete the rest, even though the option is not ambiguous.

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Somewhere in the depths of zshcompsys(1) one might find the -A option to _arguments

-A pat Do not complete options after the first non-option argument
       on the line. pat is a pattern matching all strings which are
       not to be taken as arguments. For example, to make _arguments
       stop completing options after the first normal argument, but
       ignoring all strings starting with a hyphen even if they are
       not described by one of the optspecs, the form is `-A "-*"'.

which is not helped by the negations. Anyways, the pattern * appears to mean that "everything is not taken as an argument" therefore the options should complete following a non-option argument:

#compdef h
local ret=1
_arguments -A "*" -S : \
    '-A+:' \
    '-B+:' \
    '-C+:' \
    '-i' \
    '-w' \
    && ret=0
return $ret

Usage, assuming the _h completion script is in ~/.zsh/functions:

% zsh -f
lion% print $fpath
lion% fpath=( ~/.zsh/functions $fpath )
lion% autoload -U compinit
lion% compinit
lion% h -w foo -
-A  -B  -C  -i

with the cursor right after the - ZSH completes the available options. Confirm that the completion script is up (after tabbing on the command) via:

lion% which _h
_h () {
        local ret=1
        _arguments -A "*" -S : '-A+:' '-B+:' '-C+:' '-i' '-w' && ret=0
        return $ret
  • thank you, but this change doe snot seem to help. It behaves same as before. Aug 1 at 3:37
  • does it work under a minimal shell configuration?
    – thrig
    Aug 1 at 3:47
  • I follow the steps exactly, but this still does not work. Aug 1 at 17:58
  • I think -A "*" should be equivalent to not using -A at all. Experimentally, I confirm that it doesn't seem to make a difference. What does make a difference @400theCat is adding completions for non-option arguments *:string:, but that also means that zsh won't automatically insert a - if you press TAB on an empty word, which is not necessarily desirable. Aug 2 at 20:44
  • @Gilles 'SO- stop being evil' - thank you, but when I add *:string: it behaves strangely. Please see my update. Aug 9 at 7:42

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