I'm using bash shell. I have a group of JAR files in directories at different levels

> find . -name "*.jar"

I would like to see if any of these JAR files contains a properties file whose file name matches "test-*.properties". I would prefer not to unzip each JAR file and search through its contents. Is there a way I can figure this information out?

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Something will need to poke around inside the archive, though this can be done with an archive listing command such as unzip -l rather than having to extract all the files:

find . -name \*.jar -exec sh -c \
  'jar --list --file={} | grep -q '\''test-.*\.properties'\'' && printf "%s\n" {}' \;

Maybe unzip -l might be faster but harder to parse? jar seemed more sluggish to get itself up off disk for me.

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