Sorry if this is a basic question, I don't use linux often but I have a 13GB file that I want to filter down.

I have 123 columns and I want to remove rows that have only a . in the 75th column.

I've been looking into how to do this, at the moment I've got:

awk '$75 !~/./ {print $0}' oldfile.txt > newfile.txt

Am I along the right lines? When I run this it outputs an empty file.

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awk '$75 != "." ' oldfile.txt > newfile.txt

this will match 75 th column for an extact dot.

what you did

awk '$75 !~/./ {print $0}'

will try to match 75th column for something different from any char (regexp match by . )

more precisely

awk '$75 ~ /./ ' 

will match any row where 75th columen have at least one char (which is all row, if you have more than 75 columns)

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