I was building an LFS (Linux From Scratch) system, and up until now, there have been absolutely no errors. However, when installing the "expect" package, make test errored out with:

The system has no more ptys. Ask your system administrator to create more.

According to the LFS FAQ, to fix this error:

If you do have a .config file, look inside it for the following 2 options:
If either of these has 'n' instead of 'y', then change it and recompile the kernel.
If they both have 'y', then you probably will not have to recompile the kernel.

My kernel .config file doesn't even have the CONFIG_DEVPTS_FS=y line!
When I attempt to recompile the kernel with that line, make deb-pkg simply removes the CONFIG_DEVPTS_FS=y line. Running all the other commands on that FAQ page didn't do anything. Has the Debian kernel been updated and LFS FAQ not? I'm running Debian-kernel 5.10.0-16-amd64. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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The OP figured this out and indicated the solution in a comment (on a now-deleted answer): they needed to mount the PTS filesystem in their chroot.


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