we have several places can put the rules for modprobe:

  1. /lib/modprobe.d/*.conf
  2. /etc/modprobe.d/*.conf
  3. /run/modprobe.d/*.conf
  4. boot parameters

There can be multiple places configuring the same module.

I wondering if there is a tool can print all the rules actually in action. If it cannot print the install or remove, I am ok with it. If it cannot look at the boot parameters, it is also ok. But at least I want a full blacklist merged from all the places. I want to see all the module parameters, if not merged, it should be at least in the correct order (last one wins).

Here people already discussed means to print the actual module parameters for already loaded modules. But 1. the values can still come from default values (most of them are from default); Here I just want to see the value different from default value. 2. I also need the value for unloaded modules.

More over their methods do no show blacklist either.

I am kind of expecting the modprobe will have some diagnostic mode to just print what it is going to do instead of really loading modules.

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After carefully digging into the modprobe man page, I found this:

modprobe --showconfig

It does exactly I want. It prints out all of the configurations without executing anything.

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