If I have nvidia-drm.modeset=1 in kernel parameter and options nvidia-drm modeset=0 in modeprobe.d. Then which value is in use?

If I have multiple nvidia-drm.modeset in kernel parameter, then which one is going to be used the first one or the last one?

I am asking this because the rpmfusion guys decide to add nvidia-drm.modeset=1 to /etc/default/grub I need it to be off. But it seems every time I reinstall the driver, it keep adding this value to the default grub configuration. I want to override this without always calling grubby or manually changing the default grub after driver installation.

After testing this on a VM, I think I figured it out:

  1. boot parameters always override the modprobe.d
  2. the last parameter always win

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As a general rule, when multiple conflicting arguments are present:

  • the last value set wins (so one can always override a value on the generated kernel command-line by adding a value at the end)
  • the kernel command-line wins over settings stored in files (so one can always recover a system with incorrect settings in its configuration files).

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