I'm using fish shell. Let's say that I have a directory named books, containing files title-1, title-2 and title-3:

$ tree books
├── title-1
├── title-2
└── title-3

0 directories, 3 files

If I type git add boo and press tab, fish will automatically complete to git add books/title- . I can press tab multiple times to cycle through the files books/title-1, books/title-2 and books/title-3.

I would prefer it if fish completed to git add books/ instead, the way bash or zsh does it. I'm used to that way, and it's more convenient to run git add against a directory rather than a list of files. How can I configure fish to complete this way?

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You don't.

Fish's git completions print the entire path and there is no configuration option to disable this.

You can press ctrl-w to delete back to the last "/".

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