My $PATH has /sbin in it, and the executable ctrlaltdel exists within /sbin/. Yet when I run whereis ctrlaltdel in the teminal, I do not find /sbin/ctrlaltdel The output I get is

ctrlaltdel: /usr/sbin/ctrlaltdel /usr/share/man/man8/ctrlaltdel.8.gz

Why is this? I'm using Ubuntu 20.04.04.

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Is /sbin a symbolic link to /usr/sbin? Modern versions of linux seem to be doing this.

If this is the case, try adding a trailing "/" after the starting point like this:

find /sbin/ -name ctrlaltdel

More Details about the find in this Answer

As for whereis, it's just reporting /usr/sbin because that's actually where ctrlaltdel is located.

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