For some reason, there isn't "staff" user group on a folder that I just created. How do I add/permit "staff" user group to a folder that I just created?

This post, seems to suggest to type this in terminal:

sudo chgrp -R staff ./folderName
  1. Can the command work if I don't use the "-R"? I don't really want it to apply to the subsequent folders underneath it.
  2. Also, this reddit post, suggest that I need to also try this before:
sudo chown <owner's username> ./folderName

I thought "chown" is change owner? Which user do I need to change to? what should be <owner's username>?

Kindly please be patient and guide me. I'm very new to this unix command. I just want to make sure that I'm doing the right thing before I stuffed up.

  • 1 ; Yes 2 : Not needed if ./folderName already belongs to its legitimate user.
    – MC68020
    Jun 24 at 5:13

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You want to change the group of a single directory:

chgrp staff ./directoryName

Remember that all commands come with documentation, so man chgrp can help to confirm this.

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