I am running some tests on a HA setup where a device A can only reach a device B through one of the switches. In reality there will be a link for device b to both switches, but I am just testing the scenario where device b is only reachable through one of the switches.

device A ---- switch1 --- device b
       |         |
       |         |
       |----- switch2

Device A is running debian and its using the bonding driver in active-backup mode for the 2 eth ports. The link is monitored by pointing the arp_ip_target to device B.

Disconnecting any of the cables works as expected, but in the case of disconnecting the cable between the switches it recurringly logs this in syslog every 5 seconds (instead of only stating once that the link is down):

[ 5638.977739] bond0: (slave eth1): link status definitely up
[ 5639.307739] bond0: (slave eth1): link status definitely down, disabling slave

Functionally it works as expected (switches to use eth0), but would be good to know why it thinks the link is temporarily up + if there is a way to avoid it (as it spams the logs like that).


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