I am very very new to Linux and I don't know anything about it... I am just trying to Install SAP ABAP Trial version on Open SUSE Leap. I have already Installed it on my Windows Machine, but this time I am trying to install it on Mac M1 Pro.

when I am trying to run install.sh command to start final installation of SAP ABAP Trial version I am getting below error

/bin/csh not found 
You need a C shell to start the server

When I tried to install csh package using below command

sudo apt-get install csh

I am getting error message : apt-get command not found

enter image description here

Please help me... how can I install csh package?


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opensuse is an rpm based distro, not apt.

If you run cnf csh, it will come and tell you which package to install, in this case, it is tsch.

cnf means command not found , and if you do not have that installed, then run zypper in command-not-found.

If you're running a gui, much of what can be changed, installed & removed, can be done through yast2. Highly recommended.

I have to ask... You are running opensuse on a M1, yes? Does that SAP software run on ARM? Or are you trying to install x86_64 binaries, which won't work?

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