Whenever I connect to SSH session to a remote server, with either mobaXterm or just windows command line, there shows a message that says /usr/bin/logname: no login name

I can edit files and see directories normally however.

I tested with command logname and it returns logname: no login name, same with /usr/bin/logname

However when I type whoami or /usr/bin/whoami, it returns my id properly. and when I type id it also returns a line of information containing my id. The command who am i however return nothing.

logname 2>/dev/null || echo ${SUDO_USER:-${USER}} this also works from this link

What exactly is the problem here? I am unable to install Pycharm because of this error.

System is redhat linux. I do not have sudo rights.

My .profile looks like PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11/bin:$PATH

and my .bashrc looks like

export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:....(not relevant) 
source ~/.bash_profile

and my .bash_profile looks like export PATH=/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/X11/bin:$PATH

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Your login methods are not starting a login shell, or more precisely, are not indicating to the login process that you need an entry in /run/utmp. (Maybe /var/log/utmp, /var/run/utmp, or even /etc/utmp.) So:

ssh remoteHost logname
logname: no login name


ssh -t remoteHost logname
Connection to remoteHost closed.

However, unlike you, if I connect normally I do get a login shell that creates an entry in /run/utmp:

ssh remoteHost


who am i
roaima   pts/0        2022-06-20 23:12 (

There should be an option in mobaXterm to start a login shell, which usually forces the missing entry in /run/utmp. If you're using gnome-terminal there is a report of something similar. Without knowing how you are connecting from the "windows command line" I can't offer futher advice there.

  • I just tried ssh -t myid@serveraddress logname, it gives the same error .. could not find login shell option in mobaXterm.. I checked there is indeed no /etc/utemp/ ... this is a company server, is it something about restriction set by IT?
    – user530619
    Jun 21 at 2:48
  • @user530619 I've updated the location of utmp to match modern Linux systems running systemd. Please notice it's utmp not utemp/.
    – roaima
    Jun 21 at 9:54
  • Thank you for the update, I found this file /var/un/utmp exists. but /usr/bin/logname: no login name still happens every time i connect ? Another piece of info: whoami return id properly, but who am i does not return anything...
    – user530619
    Jun 21 at 15:34

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