I am using the Q4OS linux. The terminal has a dark theme with black background and white ink. I would like to have black ink on white background in the terminal. I have found a partial solution by modifying $PS1. It is not satisfactory because for example nano still uses the dark theme.

I have read Change terminal color set giving the advice to run setterm --inversescreen on and it is almost the thing I am trying to achieve but if you look at the attached screenshot you will notice that the background is not really white, it is rather gray.

Hopefully, there is a systematic solution to have a really white background with dark text and the rest of the theme suitably matching.


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I have solved the problem by installing a newer version of Q4OS. Now the terminal window has a Settings tab which allows me to choose the theme I want.

  • What version number. Please edit your answer and add that info, it could be useful for others. Jul 8, 2022 at 19:23

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