As I did many times before, I just run the command:

pip3 search xlib

Then I get this completely useless and unwanted window:

Kdewallet window

This behavior start perhaps since I installed Kdenlive. BTW, I was just wondering Kdenlive, not the full KDE behaviour.

So, I have two questions :

  1. How to just go back to the simple behavior I had with pip3 without getting kdewallet or any other KDE part interfering with pip3?
  2. How to disable all other potential KDE interferences in my system? As I said, I just want Kdenlive wen I explicitly run it, not make KDE manage my system (I use i3 if it is usefull).

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I have the same problem (Arch Linux by the way) and I don't know why it suddenly started happening, but it's suppressed by setting

export PYTHON_KEYRING_BACKEND=keyring.backends.null.Keyring

in the environment.

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