The username contains slashes. If I use standard ~/.ssh/sockets/master-%r@%h:%p as the ConfigPath, ssh would complain that unix_listener: cannot bind to path ~/.ssh/sockets/master-username/which/contains/slash@host_ip:port.s5FLlcqcHkethwd0: No such file or directory.

It seems the slash in the username is interpreted as path seperator.

How could I get around this?

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That's what the %C token is for. From the docs:

%C    Hash of %l%h%p%r.

Since it generates a hash of the username (and other data), you don't need to worry about your username containing weird characters.

For example, if I run:

ssh -M -o ControlPath=/tmp/control-%C alice@example.com

I might find a socket named:

  • Thanks! saved my day!
    – Wei Qiu
    Jun 9 at 12:45
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    @WeiQiu Good! If this solves your issue, please consider accepting the answer. Accepting an answer marks the issue as resolved.
    – Kusalananda
    Jun 9 at 13:01

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