Is it safe to use Archlinux's repository within Manjaro Linux installation?

If it is, all I need to do is just add some line to /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist, right?


To build a package in Arch Linux not included in Manjaro use asp:

yaourt asp-https
sudo pacman -S base-devel
cp /etc/makepkg.conf ~/.makepkg.conf
mkdir ~/build/asp && cd ~/build/asp
  • Adjust the values in ~/.makepkg.conf &
  • asp checkout the-package-name

  • look for the PKGBUILD in either the repo or trunk subfolder of the-package-name & cd into it's location.

  • finally run makepkg

I used this to build the linux-hardened kernel which is not in Manjaro & which also needed xmlto & bc as build dependencies.

I also subsequently rebuilt manjaro-system to not have a dependency on linux>=3.1 so I can install the Arch Linux hardened & lts kernels with the Archzfs modules & not have to keep a manjaro kernel installed.

  • no longer use manjaro and arch, but i think this the acceptable answer :3 – Kokizzu Jul 9 '18 at 3:38

From the Manjaro wiki:

"Manjaro systems do not –and cannot– access the official Arch repositories"

Though they don't mention a technical reason. Both distros use the Pacman package manager, though maybe the configuration settings or digital signatures are incompatible. Access to the AUR from Manjaro is possible.

I don't know about the reverse case.


I don't know about Manjaro, but you shouldn't mess with standard repository, you could possibly ruin your system (i.e., the system libraries might just conflict).

I guess you just want to install some specific package, so use abs to retrieve it, and generate a package manually, then install it with pacman -U XX.xz

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