I can run

gnome-terminal  -- journalctl --since "10min ago" -f

What is the equivalent of this command for alacitty.

I tried

alacritty -e "journalctl --since \"10min ago\" -f"
alacritty -e "journalctl --since '10min ago' -f"
alacritty -e 'journalctl --since "10min ago" -f'

every command returns

Error: Failed to spawn command 'journalctl --since '10min ago' -f': No such file or directory (os error 2)
  • Did you try not quoting the whole command?
    – Kusalananda
    May 31 at 7:39
  • alacritty -e journalctl --since "10min ago" -f works. Thank you very much. May 31 at 7:44

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alacritty will use the arguments after the -e option as the command to execute. Since the terminal uses the first argument after -e as the utility name, quoting the whole command will make the terminal use the complete command string as the utility name, which will fail.

Instead, remove the quotes around the command. This allows alacritty to distinguish between the utility name and its arguments.

Note too that -e needs to be the last option on alacritty's command line.

In short: -e in alacritty works like -- in gnome-terminal.

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