Earlier I wanted to make Linux Ubuntu GUI to a CLI, after I changed my Linux to CLI. I removed all GUI related packages without further reading a depency that will delete (eg, X11).

However after I reboot, I find that my wifi can't connect to the internet or connected to router. I have tried restarting the wifi/Networkmanager, Even after reinstalling roughly what I deleted earlier, it still doesn't work.


I've managed to fix it and get it working by running the command sudo nmcli device up wlx8c18d9e25879. But when rebooted, the wifi must be turned on manually using the command above, how do I make the wifi always turn on automatically when turned on? enter image description here

enter image description here

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After try some experiment, I was able to solve this problem myself by running these command:

  1. nmcli device up "your wifi device"
  2. nmcli device reapply "your wifi device"
  3. Check the wifi by run nmcli


  1. nmcli device up wlx8c18d9e25879
  2. nmcli device reapply wlx8c18d9e25879
  3. nmcli

Succes fixed

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