Ansible CLI allows to run a custom shell command (done implicitly using the default module "ansible.builtin.command"):

ansible myhost -a "/bin/mycommand" 

Is it possible to do the same via tower-cli aka awx-cli?

EDIT: answers that use the awx CLI tool are acceptable; however, I'd prefer solutions that use tower-cli/awx-cli.

  • Regarding "I'd prefer solutions that use tower-cli/awx-cli" and since the awx command is part of the product AWX, do you mean exactly the commands tower-cli (deprecated) and awx-cli from awxkit (Python library that backs the provided awx command line client.)? I ask because according Red Hat Solution #4971631 is command awx is actually the "awx-cli".
    – U880D
    Jun 3 at 7:16
  • Yes. On my system (CentOS 7.9) these commands are two tiny Python scripts: a single call load_entry_point('ansible-tower-cli==3.3.9', 'console_scripts', 'tower-cli')() for tower-cli. awx-cli is identical except for the third arg of the function, which calls ..., 'awx-cli')().
    – dr_
    Jun 3 at 8:19

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In short, the answer is yes.

According the Ansible Tower CLI Reference Guide, it is possible to do an awx ad_hoc_commands create resulting into a Job similar as others.

The parameter for --module_name would be shell or command and if configured for

ANSIBLE MODULES ALLOWED FOR AD HOC JOBS List of modules allowed to be used by ad-hoc jobs.

under Settings / Jobs.

The parameter for --module_args whould be your command as usual.


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