I was using local0 facility to log info in HAProxy. What I don't understand is in which file each of my facilities (local0 ... local7) logs to?


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The linked answer is pretty clear if you take the time to read and understand it and the rsyslog.conf man page but, in short:

Like all other syslog facilities, the rule defining what happens to local6 log entries is defined in the configuration file(s) for your syslog daemon.

Your tags say you're using rsyslog on Ubuntu, so look in /etc/rsyslog.conf and in /etc/rsyslog.d/*. If local6 is not defined in any of those files, then define it with a rule like :

local6.*    /var/log/local6.log

That will log every local6 message to /var/log/local6.log. Change the priority to info, notice, warning, or higher if you want to reduce log spam. e.g. local6.notice instead of local6.*. See man rsyslog.conf and search for the SELECTORS section header.

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