Working in a multicultural environment, I recently needed to switch the language displayed in my computer GUI (Debian 11 installed with Cinnamon). And I did not manage to do it easily!

I have been searching around for a while to find out how to add an additional language to my new Cinnamon installation. Obviously, reading from the internet, there should be a Languages icon in Cinnamon System Settings panel.

But this icon does not exist on my installation. Where did it go?

How can I have it back?

The workaround I used:

  • Close the Cinnamon session and open a Gnome session
  • Go to the Gnome system settings, choose the Country and Language menu, and select the language.
  • Then go back to a Cinnamon session

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Cinnamon, has a standard plugin keyboard. You should add it on the panel.

In the System Settings, in section 'Hardware' look for the 'Keyboard'. It has a tab 'Layouts'.

There you can find a setting 'Use country flag to represent keyboard layout'. Unchecked - you would have two letters which represent language, checked - flag. The image comes from the keyboard plugin, so do not forget to add it.

On the same 'Layouts' page you will find layouts themselves. And a button 'Options' which will open a xkdb settings window.

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