I had a laptop running Windows that presented some defect and is no longer turning on, though the HD is not faulty (as far as I can understand it).

I also have another laptop running EndlessOS.

I have plugged the old Windows HD, and it automatically mounted. I could copy most of the files I needed, except for the files in the AppData folder. When I was using Windows, %APPDATA% pointed to c:\users\<username>\AppData; however that folder does not seem to exist in the mounted drive.

Are there any specific settings needed during mounting? I tried ls -a which should show me hidden files, also to no avail. Just to reiterate, I was able to copy another folder (e.g. /Users/<username>/Documents), just not AppData.

Thanks in advance for any help or direction where I can find more information.

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Filesystem corruption? I can see it on Windows 7/10 partitions just fine. https://i.imgur.com/HGkCgPo.png

No additional mount options are required to see the directory: it's available by default, there's nothing special about it. Boot into Windows again and check it's there.

You could try:

  • I was afraid this could be corruption. All other folders are fine though, which is really strange. Thanks for the reply!
    – Enrico
    May 14 at 19:58

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