I got the following results from diff:

@@ -4479,7 +4479,7 @@
         || AddPrintCheckParameters(TRUE)
         || AddRecipeDefaults(TRUE)
         || AddRepeatScanPass(TRUE)
-        || AddVirgoFlag(TRUE)        
+        || AddVirgoFlag(TRUE)
         || AddAttrPatchSize(TRUE)
         || AddDualSensParameters(TRUE)
         || AddMDATDensitySP(TRUE)

Seems that it suggesting me to delete and add the same line. Why?

  • Blank characters maybe? Try with -E -Z -b -w
    – Nic3500
    May 14 at 0:29

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By selecting both lines with the mouse to they are highlighted, I can clearly see that the first (deleted) line has trailing spaces that the second does not.

If you use diff -w this difference would be ignored by diff.

  • Exactly. Thanks!
    – Ziqi Fan
    May 14 at 3:19

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