I have the following file :

Bank S.A / N.V

I want to remove all forward slashes (/), so that the result looks like this:


Bank S.A  N.V

How to do so using sed? Ive tried using tr, but tr is not what I need, because I want to edit the file in-place without printing it to console.

  • You appear to have deleted the last line in the example output. Is that a requirement of any solution here too?
    – Kusalananda
    May 10 at 15:21

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You can use tr for this:

$ tr -d '/' < file


Bank S.A  N.V

To save the output, just redirect to a new file:

tr -d '/' < file > file.fixed
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    An advantage of tr is that it works even for non-text files, while YMMV for sed (depending on the sed implementation). May 10 at 12:39
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    Note that / is not (thanfully!) special to the shell; it doesn't need to be quoted. May 10 at 12:39

Use a different separator than / into the sed expression, for example ::

sed 's:/::g' file

to remove all / irrespective of where they are on the line.

If you want to replace the existing file, use -i, meaning "inplace", which can be followed by an extension to backup the old file, for example this will keep a copy of the old file named file.old and modify file:

sed -i.old 's:/::g' file

You can also use sed this way:

sed --in-place 's/\///g' file

You just ask sed to substitute (s) pattern / with void space.

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