I have the following dir structure

zfs filesystem - /opt/test/tmp
zfs filesystem - /opt/data/

I have two directory links:

/opt/test2/_tmp -> /opt/test/tmp
/opt/test2/_tmp2 -> /opt/data

In /opt/test2/_tmp there was another directory:


I was sitting in /opt/test2/_tmp and issued this command:

   mv mydata ../_tmp2

expecting it to be moved to /opt/data since _tmp2 is a link to it.

But, the folder disappeared completely. It didn't move to /opt/data and it didn't overwrite the link /opt/test2/_tmp2, but it no longer shows up in /opt/test/_tmp.

So, where did it go, and how do I get it back?

The space on disk hasn't changed, so I know the data is still there.

This is on Solaris 11.4 ZFS, but my guess is conceptually whatever happened would apply to any UNIX/Linux variant.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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I found it...

The mv placed it in /opt/test. So it took the ../ as a reference to the source directory of the link I was in, rather than that of the link.

Definitely not what I would have expected, but I suppose it makes sense.

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