KDE added a KMines icon to my (or should I say, our) Icons-only Task Manager in my panel.

I'd like to remove said icon but I cannot see (my fault? probably) any way to do so, hence I googled and I've found Remove icons from KDE taskbar but the question and its answers are old and KDE is sort of a moving target… in other words, no one of the accepted/upvoted answers is working for me now.

I use SUSE Tumbleweed so I guess I'm on a fairly recent release of KDE.


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When pinned to the task manager: Right-click on the icon > Unpin from Task Manager

When pinned to the panel: Right-click on panel > Enter Edit Mode > Hover over icon > Remove

  • Only offers "Pin" for unpinned, but when it's pinned it doesn't offer "Unpin".
    – zoechi
    Jun 28 at 4:31
  • Sounds like you didn't pin it to the task manager but to the panel. See my edit.
    – lemontree
    Jun 28 at 18:37
  • See the link below the original question. That worked for me.
    – zoechi
    Jun 29 at 6:01

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