I am using KDE on Arch Linux and I am trying to run gpg-agent in ssh-agent emulation mode as described here.

I created env file ~/.config/environment.d/80_gpg_agent.conf for systemd-environmentd-generator:


I do not set SSH_AGENT_PID because it is not accepted by mentioned generator but it shouldn't be set anyway (and it isn't).

If I start my system and login into TTY I am getting correct value for SSH_AUTH_SOCK (from systemctl --user show-environment):
Then, if I don't login into KDE session I have correct value for SSH_AUTH_SOCK:


After I log into KDE session (doesn't matter if it is Wayland or X11) I see that this value of overwritten by something:


This value looks like standard value usually set for ssh-agent but I don't have unit files for ssh-agent autostart.

So far I checked the following:

  • there is no code that sets SSH_AUTH_SOCK in .bashrc, .profile, /etc/bash.bashrc, /etc/profile or /etc/profile.d/*
  • there are no env variables in /etc/environment or ~/.config/environment.d/* besides one that I set for gpg-agent
  • I use keepassxc that has embedded ssh-agent but I didn't add it to autostart and its ssh-agent disabled

So, question is, where is it set and how do I stop this from overriding my env?

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It seems like issue was due to use of (deprecated) ~/.pam_environment of pam_env module.

I found out that ~/.pam_environment has override for SSH_AUTH_SOCK=${XDG_RUNTIME_DIR}/ssh-agent.socket

Since it is marked as deprecated I didn't even thought it might be used.

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