I have made a small script to list all my tagged files with ranger with ranger --list-tagged-files=* and put that list into another file (called todo). After a while I deleted and changed the name of some of the folders that still contained some tagged files. Then, when I ran ranger again, I saw that all my tags were gone and I had to re-tag them.

Now, when I run my script, not only my currently tagged files are shown, but also the files that resided in the old folders that are potentially not accessible to me anymore.

Now, I would like to know how I can reset the tags in ranger, so that I can re-tag my new files again, but only see those in my todo-file.

I've checked the man page, but I could only find some untag and unmark commands that I cannot use on files and diretories that I can't access anymore.

Thanks in advance :)

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I just wanted to add my answer that I found along the way.

In the home directory, go to /.local/share/ranger

There are 3 files: booksmarks, history and tagged. Just open the tagged-file (which is an ASCII-textfile) with a texteditor, change the respective lines, save and exit.

After listing all the tagged files with the command above (in the question), everything should be fine.

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