I installed arp-scan using apt-get install arp-scan.

I have a succesful install message with the newest version (1.9.5-1). However, when I try to type in the command in bash I get the following error:

bash: arp-scan: command not found

It does not appear to be in /usr/bin despite the successful installation. How could I fix this issue?

System: Debian 10

  • What about sudo arp-scan --localnet ?
    – user232326
    Apr 27 at 0:40
  • 1
    Paste the output of dpkg -L arp-scan
    – GMaster
    Apr 27 at 0:50

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The package installs /usr/sbin/arp-scan. Note sbin and not bin.

If /usr/sbin/ isn't on your path then you can run it will the full path name. If it is on you can try

hash -r arp-scan

or logout and login again to get it to be detected.

  • Thanks, you're right it wasn't on my path. I added /usr/sbin to my root user path using export PATH=$PATH:/usr/sbin and now command works, along with standard utilities like reboot and shutdown.
    – Cheetaiean
    Apr 27 at 14:36

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