In This link is mentioned that Linux GUI is installed on tty7, but when I change my consoles using Ctrl+Alt+F1-F7 and check it by the command tty, I see that I have a GUI on my tty1 and tty2. I'd like to know:

  • Why is in most sources mentioned that the GUI is on tty7?
  • I have a GUI on my tty1 and tty2 on Ubuntu 20.04, tty3-6 are consoles without GUI and tty7 prints information about /dev/sda2, is tty7 another console? If yes how does it differ from other consoles? If no, what is it?

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Which tty's are configured for X11 or Wayland (the GUI) is up to the distribution being used, although a lot follow the '1-6 for getty processes' (which connect a tty to a login process), '7 for GUI' line.

Hardware limitations force some other solutions. I suspect you have one of those. Raspberry Pi?

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