I have a earphone(fine) and a new laptop dell inspiron-3501 with ubuntu 22.04 with kernel 5.15.0-25-generic. But I have a audio problem. Normally speakers works fine. But when I plugin earphone then the laptop does not recognize earphone. With alsamixer command if I increase the volume of headphone then sound in earphone works but speakers also plays simultaneously along with earphone. Also next time alsamixer always has volume 0 for headphones.

This is my alsamixer screenshot.

enter image description here

EDIT: Even if I plug in or not earphone the output will be the same as in below picture. Speakers are working fine though only earphones are not detected.

enter image description here

  • Your issue appears to be different that I thought to be. I would recommend trying it on different computer.
    – tukan
    May 9 at 8:11


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