I use Kubuntu 20.04. Under "Konsole" I have created many windows, and in each window a bash shell is running in a terminal emulator.

This terminals the system had creatd as "pseudo terminal slaves" named /dev/pts/0 ... /dev/pts/25, e.g.

This is all normal.

Also normal is that occasionally since many years I have used, e.g.

cat /dev/vcs7 | fold -w 160

instead of screendump 7 for, e.g. for virtual terminal tty7.

And I was able to create new nodes by mknode for new vcsxx, if needed.

But now the terminals are not tty7 but /dev/pts/21.

How can I transfer all knowledge about using /dev/vcs7 for terminals to use it for pseudo terminal slaves /dev/pts/21.

Regards anton


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