i am writing a script to quick change the mod key of i3


case "${1}" in
  (alt) key=Mod1 ;;
  (win) key=Mod4 ;;
  (*)   printf "Invalid key: %s\n" "${1}" ; exit 1 ;;

sed -i 's/^\(set $mod\) .*/\1 '"${key}/" "${conf0}" || exit

printf "Changed successfully to %s/%s\n" "${1}" "${key}"

but i wont the i3 config to automatically reload at the end of my script. I found xdotool might work but if have to check the current $mod key to be able to reload i3.

How can this? Is awk a goo choice for that?

Please point me in the right direction

  • I assume you're talking about sending keystrokes to the app, this doesn't seem like an ideal approach. A quick google found this which may suggest a better solution is available: faq.i3wm.org/question/6505/reload-config-from-bash.1.html
    – bxm
    Apr 25 at 12:49
  • Sorry thought to over the head, but this is a great solution! This fixed my probem! Thx
    – fabolous05
    Apr 25 at 19:56
  • Great, glad it worked. I’ve added it as an answer so the commands are here for any future on lookers.
    – bxm
    Apr 25 at 20:43

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Per this page, these commands seem to be available:

i3-msg reload
i3-msg restart

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