I try to write script to get the the values from the first column, which are the same, but have a different value in the second column. Does someone know how to do it ? Example: I have this .txt file:     aaaaa     bbbbb      ccccc     aaaaa     aaaaa    ccccc     bbbbb      aaaaa     bbbbb

and in this case the result should be:

Thank you very much.


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Remove all lines that are duplicates of other lines, then extract the first field of the lines where the first field occurs twice or more times:

$ sort -u file | awk '++count[$1] == 2 { print $1 }'

Without needing to sort:

awk '!($1 in a) {a[$1] = $2; next} $2 != a[$1] {print $1}' file


Highly similar to @Kusalananda's answer (he beat me to it), but with a simpler awk invocation:

sort -u file | awk '{print $1}' | uniq -d

This method also removes all lines that are duplicates of other lines; then extracts the first field of those lines; and then outputs all the first fields that occur two or more times.

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