I have a new install of Alma Linux 8 and I'm having a problem figuring out how to be able to install packages. When I run dnf, I get:

Error: There are no enabled repositories in "/etc/yum.repos.d", "/etc/yum/repos.d", "/etc/distro.repos.d".

my repolist:

repo id                                               repo name                                                           status
ha                                                    AlmaLinux 8 - HighAvailability                                      disabled
ha-debuginfo                                          AlmaLinux 8 - HighAvailability debuginfo                            disabled
ha-source                                             AlmaLinux 8 - HighAvailability Source                               disabled
plus                                                  AlmaLinux 8 - Plus                                                  disabled
plus-debuginfo                                        AlmaLinux 8 - Plus debuginfo                                        disabled
plus-source                                           AlmaLinux 8 - Plus Source                                           disabled
powertools                                            AlmaLinux 8 - PowerTools                                            disabled
powertools-debuginfo                                  AlmaLinux 8 - PowerTools debuginfo                                  disabled
powertools-source                                     AlmaLinux 8 - PowerTools Source                                     disabled
resilientstorage                                      AlmaLinux 8 - ResilientStorage                                      disabled
resilientstorage-debuginfo                            AlmaLinux 8 - ResilientStorage debuginfo                            disabled
resilientstorage-source                               AlmaLinux 8 - ResilientStorage Source                               disabled

One task I want to do is upgrade to PHP 8, but I need to get this dnf/repo issue figured out first.

I would be grateful for any guidance or links to references, as I haven't been able to quite find help regarding my particular situation. Here's part of my hostnamectl output:

Virtualization: openvz
Operating System: AlmaLinux 8.5 (Arctic Sphynx)
CPE OS Name: cpe:/o:almalinux:almalinux:8::baseos
Kernel: Linux 4.18.0
Architecture: x86-64

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You appear to be missing the file /etc/yum.repos.d/almalinux.repo which is part of the almalinux-release package. It has the “baseos”, “appstream”, etc. repositories defined in it.

I suggest reinstalling that package manually, and looking a lot closer at why your system is mysteriously missing a critical component like the base repos. Who else has super user on this system?

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