Most of the long-form options in the various *nix tools use hyphens as word separators.


from man tr:


from man sudo:


Many more examples could be given.


Why does the option --add_extra_groups in adduser contain underscore rather than hyphen word delimiters? Even the other long-form options in adduser use hyphens:

     adduser  [options] [--no-create-home] [--disabled-password] [--disabled-login] 
     [--add_extra_groups] [--encrypt-home] user

Is this just a typo that has become normalized over time, or is there some other explanation?


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It's a typo, even if the option works anyway.

By standard, hyphens should be used to separate words, even if sometimes one can find underscores. For instance, here's what The GNU C Library Reference Manual says about long options:

Long options consist of -- followed by a name made of alphanumeric characters and dashes. Option names are typically one to three words long, with hyphens to separate words.

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