yesterday I accidentaly delete some linux partition, before I realize that i deleted some grub config files too...

I run linux, now it shows Welcome to grub rescue.

When i ls it shows (hd0) (hd0,gpt1) (hd0,gpt2) etc.

When i ls [partition] shows somthing like Unknown filesystem.

set root=[partition] and then insmod normal shows no such partition.

I searched for some solutions, but none of them worked...

The worst part is that i cannot go to boot menu and change the boot order, so I CANT BOOT FROM FLASHDRIVE...

Any help welcome.

And sorry for my English.


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As I cannot comment yet I have to do it this way. The ls -l comment gives you all disks and partitions with their UUID's.
Why can't you enter the UEFI? Usually there is a Fsomething key to enter it. I can search which key it is if I know what motherboard/laptop you are using.
If you have the possibility to use another computer you can make a flashdrive with Ventoy and put some rescue-iso's ( e.g. Ikki-boot/AiO-SRT/gparted-live/Rescatux/ubuntu-rescue-remix ) and try to recover the lost partition. Remember to write to another disk to avoid overwriting.

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