I am new to Arch and did a fresh install. I have configured it to use dwm and I start it with startx. The problem is that some commands in xinitrc seem to not run. It clearly works to some extend, because dwm is starting, but i can't say the same for other commands. My xintirc is located: ~/.xinitrc (or /home/xor/.xinitrc) and looks like this:

exec dwm
set xkbmap de
feh --bg-scale ~/background.png
xinput set-prop "UNIW0001:00 093A:0255 Touchpad" 349 1
xinput set-prop "UNIW0001:00 093A:0255 Touchpad" 326 1
xrandr --setprovideroutputsource modesetting NVIDIA-0
xrandr --auto

It should start dwm(which it does), set the keyboard layout to german qwertz(which works), set a background image(which does not work) adjust some touchpad settings(which does not work), and do something with the nvidia driver(Not exactly sure what it does, i guess it enables the card/driver, but I know that the drivers work and I can use my GPU). I can paste the not working commands in a terminal and they work.

Is there somewhere an error log for the file xinit, and what is the problem in my case? Thanks for help!

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The problem with your .xinitrc is that it just starts with exec.

This particular way to launch some command (here dwm) makes dwm replace the running shell, hence forbidding everything further down to be launched.
Quoted from man exec

If exec is specified with command, it shall replace the shell with command without creating a new process.

I suggest you have a look to Arch's Xinit wiki in which you will notice that exec should be the last thing the .xinitrc script does.


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