I want to run a command like xdotool 9999 0 after the mouse has been idle for some time. The goal is to get the mouse out of the way - I like to use my keyboard only, and the mouse often causes annoyances like highlighting links as I scroll and triggering tooltips. Note that I want this to happen after mouse inactivity only - so keyboard activity should be disregarded.

I already use unclutter which visually hides the pointer. Unfortunately the pointer seems active even when hidden, and can trigger mouseover events. It seems like there is no feature in unclutter to run a custom command or script instead.

Tools like xprintidle do not distinguish keyboard vs. mouse idle. If there is a way to make them differentiate them, it would solve my problem.

How can I run my command after the mouse has not been moved for a certain amount of time (eg. 5 minutes)?


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I have made a patch that solves the hidden-mouse-still-hovering-stuff problem, It's available on my github!

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