I made a bootable backup of my encrypted drive using dd:

> sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdc bs=64k status=progress

After checking that I can boot from the clone, I booted back into the original drive and tried to mount the clone using vgimportclone:

> sudo cryptsetup open /dev/sdc5 sdc5_crypt
> sudo lvm
lvm> vgimportclone /dev/mapper/sdc5_crypt
lvm> pvscan --cache
lvm> vgchange -a y
lvm> quit
> mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg11-root /mnt

The VG names and VG & PV UUIDs on the clone are now different from those on the original drive, but the LV UUIDs are the same. The VG name for the original drive is ubuntu-vg and for the new drive it's ubuntu-vg11. I altered /boot/grub.cfg on the unencrypted partition of the cloned disk to reflect these changes and ensure it is still bootable. After checking that the clone is still bootable (it is), I booted back into the original drive, and tried mounting the clone:

> sudo cryptsetup open /dev/sdc5 sdc5_crypt
> mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg11-root /mnt

At first it appeared to work, but on closer inspection of the contents of /mnt I realized that it had actually mounted the original LV there (which is already mounted on /, and had some new files added to it since first creating the clone). So the next thing I tried was changing the filesystem UUID of the clone using tune2fs:

umount /mnt
tune2fs -U random /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg11-root

I checked that the filesystem UUID on the clone (/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg11-root) differs from that of the original (/dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-root) However the problem persists, so I assume it must be due to the identical LV UUIDs. Everything I've read online suggests it's not possible to change LV UUIDs, so I wonder is there any other way around this problem? How can I mount my cloned drive at the same time as the original?

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I managed to change the UUID of the LVs on the clone, and get it to mount at the same time as the original without conflict. Here's how I did it:

  1. I attached a different drive with a copy of Ubuntu installed and booted into it.
  2. I attached the cloned drive, and opened the encrypted partition: sudo cryptsetup open /dev/sd5 sdc5_crypt
  3. This automatically created links for the LVs: /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg11-root & /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg11-swap
  4. I then removed the LVs on the clone: sudo lvremove ubuntu-vg11
  5. Then I checked the lvm archive, which keeps a record of all changes: sudo ls -l /etc/lvm/archive
  6. I made a note of the most recent archive file for the ubuntu-vg11 group, and edited it, altering the UUIDs of the LVs listed in the file.
  7. Then I restored the LVs from that archive file: sudo vgcfgrestore ubuntu-vg11 -f /etc/lvm/archive/ubuntu-vg11_00001-123456789.vg
  8. Check the UUIDs of the LVs: sudo lvscan && sudo lvdisplay (the newly altered LVs were not listed by lvs for some reason, but I was still able to mount them without problems).
  9. Check that they can be mounted OK: sudo mount /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg11-root /media/sdc5
  10. Unmount and reboot: sudo umount /media/sdc5

It now seems to work fine, and I can mount both the clone and the original at the same time with no problems.

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