I've been working with Linux for awhile and was wondering how I could go about changing the default login user. The whole time I've used Ubuntu, I've been logging in as the root node, as bad as that is. It does it automatically upon startup. Running Ubuntu in Windows Terminal with WSL.

I'd appreciate any help.

Thank you!

  • askubuntu.com/questions/816732/… this might help you.
    – Vaibhav.c
    Mar 24 at 10:45
  • That did the trick. Had to create/source .profile into my home user directory, because I lost my colors, but all is well now. Thank you!
    – Cani687
    Mar 26 at 20:30

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Went to the above link, and just went into cmd.exe and did: ubuntu2004 config --default-user

This caused a secondary issue where I lost my colors on the terminal, but that was resolved with:

Changed default user and now colors don't work Ubuntu

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